Services Offered

Jenn Andrews, Yoga Sol



* The atmosphere is so calming. My brain never stops, but when I went to the Friday night meditation I was able to block out the street noise and concentrate. Jennifer, the instructor, was attentive to my concerns after the practice too. Will definitely keep attending the practices.

* Yoga Sol is a wonderful community dedicated to the practice of yoga. The diverse group of teachers makes Yoga Sol and enriching experience, and a practice at this lovely studio never ceases to delight. 

* As a person with a busy career and family life, I often found myself frantic throughout the day and struggling with stress management techniques. After a few classes at Yoga Sol, I learned to quiet my mind and take the time for serenity. Not only am I able to focus now in my yoga class, but I can also better quiet my mind chatter throughout the day! I know that my beginner yoga class at Yoga Sol has helped me relieve stress and stay focused in my everyday life.


1.  Do I need to have an established yoga or meditation practice in order to attend one of Jenn's classes or offerings?  No!  Jenn is skilled in developing a very personalized practice, whether it be yoga or meditation, to meet the needs of every unique student.

2) I'm not flexible enough for yoga.  Will I ever be able to go to a class?  Yes!  Jenn will help you discover the best fit for a yoga class so that you can be successful and feel good about your desire to practice yoga.

3) I can't "quiet my mind".  Can I really learn to meditate?  YES!  It is easier than you think to develop a meditation practice that honors your individual needs to create a life-long and healthy meditation practice.